Custom Laser Cataract Surgery

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Welcome to Northeastern Eye Institute’s micro web site dedicated to Custom Laser Cataract Surgery.

This site provides a detailed overview of Custom Laser Cataract Surgery now offered at Northeastern Eye Institute.

Cataract surgery is performed to replace the natural lens in the eye which becomes clouded due to age-related factors, resulting in blurry vision.

In conventional cataract surgery, your eye surgeon replaces this natural lens with an intra-ocular lens (IOL). This lens provides functional distance vision but glasses are still required for astigmatism correction, intermediate and near vision for reading.

The Board Certified ophthalmologists at Northeastern Eye Institute perform over 4,000 cataract surgery procedures every year with excellent results. They have performed a combined 100,000 plus cataract surgery procedures over the years.

New and advanced Custom laser cataract surgery uses 3-D technology, making the procedure more precise and potentially safer than ever before.

The Board Certified surgeons at Northeastern Eye Institute understand that using the most advanced laser technology in the market will significantly improve your outcomes.

Custom Laser Cataract Surgery is generally performed for patients who wish to eliminate or reduce their dependence on eyewear following cataract surgery. This procedure would enable you to enjoy the outdoors, sports, swimming, golfing, jogging and even reading with minimal dependence on eye glasses.

Custom laser cataract surgery utilizes advanced lens implants that can improve your distance, intermediate and near vision for reading following cataract surgery.

Since the introduction of custom laser cataract surgery, a significant proportion of our cataract patients are opting for this advanced procedure combined with multi-focal or premium lens implants.

Northeastern Eye Institute is a leading center for comprehensive eye care in Northeastern Pennsylvania, offering cataract surgery; multifocal and premium lens implants; LASIK; intra-corneal lens implants (ICL) for those who high prescriptions and thin corneas who are not good candidates for LASIK; glaucoma and retina care; pediatric and family eye care; and a wide range of frames, lenses and contacts.

This site will provide a good overview about laser cataract surgery. However, it cannot make specific recommendations about your unique situation. The best way to find out if laser cataract surgery is the right option for you is to schedule a consultation with one of our eye doctors at a Northeastern Eye Institute office near you. We have 15 locations to serve you throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. Please call 1-800-844-6315 today to schedule your  custom laser cataract surgery consultation.